Why I don't like A.F.K (and karaoke)

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Modern fansubbers annoy me so much. Why do they feel that they have to add translation notes to everything? The worst one in this area i definitely A.F.K.

He's made it impossible to enjoy SZS with all his translation notes, and unecessary translation on everything from book titles to signs in Japanese.

The second problem is the damn karaoke. Can't the fansubbers just post the lyrics in romaji on the internet, instead of killing the opening with HUGE anNoYiNgLy fLaShY japanese AND romaji AND english texts?

The same goes for attack names. Why don't text it "shadow clone" instead of KAGE NO BUNSHIN? How many 12 year old's no Japanese out there?

This whole post was inspired by this youtube documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUYlqLlbix0&feature=related