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Ok, i have so so confused by what the hell just happened in evangelion. I've got Neon genesis to watch in a minite too but i just wanna get the story straight so far. All i've managed to try and understand is..

Lellith gives brith to children? Including Adam who then gives birth to children, ie Shinge. Lellith has 18? all in the make of humans but only one works. The rest are... angels? who attack the humans, who have captured and incased eva's for battling who must synchronize with adam's children...? I think im wrong already.. They battle, Rei's one is sacrificed to kill an angel and save shinge. Touji's one goes crazy and is killed. The 5th (and last?) one becomes an angel himself and tries to do something unknown with lilleth but Shinge kills him. Now the only two left are unit 01 and 02 out of 4 units in total. Shinge goes a little mental after killing the 5th child and something i can't rmember makes Asuka unconious and then SHinge goes and cries and has a wank after the sight of her boobs.. WTF? All angels are destroyed and then some other humans (German, CHina and US) go after Nerve to destoy/ capture the Evangelions). IT ends with some plan being finished to destroy the world circuling over Asuka.

Is this correct in ANYWAY?