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"Newfags" are actually a myth.

moot and the mods select candidates from a pool of frequent anonymous posters and/or tripfags and instruct them to initiate newfag summers. Popular topics/shows are thrown around to troll, and pointers on how to hit home ("nighttime /a/" is an extension of the myth, since really the "newfags" don't go to bed, but are simply off duty). Some of the most effective techniques are often the most affective.

Newfag recruits will typically troll themselves or eachother in the same thread to get the ball rolling, then sit back and watch the sages unfold. There are also different "classes" of the newfag brigade, ranging from just plain dumb trolls to your more intelligent ones. Instructions are handed down from the mods, essentially guidelines as to the frequency and variety. Members will often communicate via IRC as well to help co-ordinate their efforts.

Why? The reasons are twofold;

1.) /a/ would simply be boring and useless otherwise. "anime and manga" is rarely discussed despite the name, spamming of memes or pedo pictures runs wild instead. Absence of "quality posters" (another myth which I've still investigating) and unwillingness of anonymous posters to make /a/ a good board means 4chan has to do the work instead.