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Misconceptions in this board:

1) Kanon/Haruhi/Da Capo/Air/ef - a tale of memories is a mindless, moe animation
2) People that like moe anime are populist assholes

It really bugs me that people's kneejerk reaction when being told that they're pretentious is "well you're a drooling man-child go watch your cute shit films".

Listen, you don't like being comforted. You watch anime to ask questions about your life. That's fine. But what's even funnier is that Kanon/Haruhi/Da Capo/ is no different than Vandread or Ouran Host Club. Sure, it's a bit more emotional, but it's still got that mainstream bow.

Some people are pathetic. Call me populist, I just can't care. It's sick that people look down on emotions and cuteness (even though most of the shows awarded by /a/ barely represents these). Probably the same assholes that called people "dorks" and "nerds" in high school