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Is Rumbel's furry mutant jigglypuff scaring you?
Is Tadashi's lack of IRC pissing you off?
Is AEN's red border font giving you headaches?
Does AniYoshi's English invoke feelings of FANSUBBERS=SUBBER?
Is S9's lack of Translator making you rage?
Are you Starks and you don't like seeing AE-Saizen's sperm karaoke because you're a fag?

gg can solve all of these problems (except for Starks being a fag, of course) at a price of 5 PlayStation 3's.

For 5 PS3's, gg will continue subbing the Soul Eater Primetime show.

For 6 PS3's, we will also go back and sub 1-8.

What do you think, anon?

(pic semi-related)