Why Eva?

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Why the hell is NGE so popular(or rather so talked about)? It keeps popping up on /a/ and elsewhere even though it’s 13 years old. I never see any other show pop up that often by a long shot from that long ago. People still bicker over it all the time and things get nasty sometimes. In any recommendation thread, it’s probably the oldest show on anyone’s list.

The original animation quality was mediocre (at least for the series). I doubt it’s because it’s philosophical, because many other shows also touch very deeply into philosophy. RahXephon, Ergo Proxy, Lain, GiTS, etc are all very philosophical, Ergo Proxy also with a lot more mindfuck than Eva. It’s not because of the confusing ending, because I rarely see any bitching about Ergo Proxy (I still don’t get the ending). There was little rage over its ending, can we talk about that instead? Plus, isn’t the demographic shonen?

And the characters? It can’t possibly be that: our protagonist is a spineless wimp who wants to return to his mothers womb, and his love interest is some freak of nature cloned from dead body parts inhuman creatures and the other being the bitchiest girl I’ve ever seen (both in anime and IRL). If you want to get pedo on me, the last interest being a woman twice his age. And I can’t possibly imagine what’s great about the other characters. I mean Misato’s character design is nice, but there are plenty of fishes in the sea.

Cinematography? The EoE sequence was pretty wild, but it shouldn’t be enough to generate so much discussion, and it’s not even what people talk about.

Is it because of Rebuild? It seems odd to me though, since it’s just a summary of the 1st six episodes. There’s nothing new to talk about…. I’ve seen screenshots where everything looks the exact same except the movie has better pixels.

Why don’t people let it rest?

And if nothing else, have some Die Sterne.