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Last year, there was a thread from a poster that claimed to be japanese. He used a broken form of english grammar, and seemed honest enough.
As part of his introduction, he said he liked "women of glasses".

Of course, anonymous treated it like a troll. Why would an eleven come down to a crude imitation of 2ch? Racist posts and disbelief composed most of the replies.

I also replied in disbelief, but posted a meganekko image. "I also like women of glasses". I continued dumping until the eventual 404.

Kept lurking for a while, and saw another thread.
"Anonymous of Colombia, let's play again. More women of glasses". He expressed gratitude and excused himself a lot in broken english when he misunderstood what I tried to say. After filling a couple of threads (image limit was 50), he left, thanking me for an amusing time.

And that's the best time I've had in /a/. A japanese and a colombian, posting in english, with the only connecting thread being a mutual love for meganekko.

Now, go on, sage for reminiscing tripfag.