Suggest some manga; save the next generation

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‘Sup, /a/? I need your help.
I was recently asked by the supervisor of the library at the high school I went to for help with and suggestions for a graphic-novels and comic-books section for the library that will be made available next year.
This is where I need your help; this is our chance to ensure that the next crop of high schoolers are exposed to some non-shitty comics, i.e. something other than Naruto. This is our chance to teach this up and coming generation what good comics and manga really are. And I need your suggestions.

THE RESTRICTIONS: I was told some violent content is OK, as well as swearing so long as it’s not to excess. They’re high schoolers after all. HOWEVER, there must be no graphic sex or questionable material of a sexual nature. Unfortunately, that bars out Berserk, which would have been my first suggestion

I already asked for suggestions for pig-disgusting western stuff on /co/, and they delivered. I’m hoping /a/ will do the same and help balance the ticket with some awesome Japanese material.

Come on, /a/, don’t fail me now. When I was an ignorant young freshman in high school, I would have killed for a graphic-novel section of the library to fill my young head with. Don’t let this next generation be exposed to crap-comics and manga. I know the restrictions disallow a lot of awesome manga, but I’m sure /a/’s vast knowledge will overcome that and still find some awesome suggestions. Pic possibly related? I know /a/ rages over the American title, but I thought it might be a nice series to cater to the moe-factor, most likely for high school girls. And it doesn’t have any explicit content in it (as far as I know). Perhaps you’d like to correct me if I’m wrong?