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The day was unusually fresh, for being June/2/97 , Oscar was walking on a
lonely street, only with a Sprite bottle, and a WWF magazine.
His toughts were racing on why he was so depress, he had always spyed on
the sailor scouts, ever since luna caught up with Usagi, but most of all,
when Artemis joined the group. He always tought "Why am i obsesed with
that cat?" he than realized he had a crush on Artemis!! , even tough he
was a boy, even tough Artemis was a cat.
But not an ordinary cat that is. He then squeezed the bottle so hard, it
blew up, soaking his shirt, his pants, and his tennis.
He was upset to know that he was in love with a cat! He knew were Minako
lived, her adress, her phone number, and her P.O.BOX. He said to himself