Aoi Destruction

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I am the cancer that is killing /a/.
So, let's try and fix that.

A one volume collection of One-shots by Kazoku Inoue, the author of Midori no Hibi and Love & Collage.
One of those short things that makes you laugh for no good reason, and still leaves you wondering what would happen if someone took the concept further.
Specially liked chapter 5, about a power suppressing figure otaku that manages to turn himself around and become a ladies man. Of course, he realizes that he's not honest to himself, and so on.
Chapter 4 was weak for me, since I don't like this generic fighting kind of story, but at least the concept is original enough. But who knows, it would probably fall flat after a couple volumes.
Finally, the oddest of them all, a story about a girl samurai in the Edo period, who uses a katana possessed by a spirit with blue balls. The blade grows longer and harder when in the presence of girls. Kind of crude, and service oriented, but still funny in an absurdist humor kind of way.
And of course, the title story, about a 38 year old man, who looks like a little girl. Amusing, but feels like a re-thread of Midori no Hibi, with a noble street fighting school boy.

Released by snoopycool, give it a try if you will. Entertaining at the very least.