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So I bought the first of the One Piece Funimation do-over DVDs the other day, and in the interest of raising blood pressure and the REMOTE chance of intelligent discussion, I felt I should comment.

As a born-and-bred dub apologist, I rather enjoyed the new dub. Some of the reads are a little off, particularly the ones involving Luffy screaming (the scene where he first pops out of the keg sounded painful in multiple capacities), but as usual for Funimation, the writing is remarkably strong (at least compared with some of Bandai's recent atrocities...they pay their localization staff fucking MONEY to translate a show that's horrible enough as-is, and they get stiff, awkward lines that actually read WORSE than most of the damn rush-job fansubs). If nothing else, I respect its production values, even if the acting is a little off in spots. There's something to be said for a production that is a little homely, but is generally sound of construction.

Their little staff commentary was kind of interesting, too, if only to hear Clinkenbeard (?) actually admit that doing the Luffy screams is "fairly painful", and hearing
In the interesting of trolling, let me hit the highlights:
- Set fail
- Dubs are bad (although this will probably be irrelevant due to the default set-fail factor)
- Buying anime LOL ANSWERMAN
- Hawkle doesn't give a fuck

And I'll even throw in the first sage, free of charge.