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Hai /a/.

Yesterday there was a hueg fail thread here about some guy saying anime would look better as Fail than Orig, with a picture comparison.

The truth is that Orig doesn't actually look how it does on TV. I also think that the source was a bit too bright, so even my adjusted one doesn't look quite right.

Most anime encoders don't bother adjusting the Levels (what defines -- for video -- what 100% black and 100% white is) to fit PC colors.

The thing is that TVs have a Levels range of 16-235, while PCs have a Levels range of 0-255 (where 0 is 100% black and 255% is 100% white), so unadjusted TV video looks washed out on PCs.

Most encoders don't do it because they are either not aware of the difference between TVs and PCs, or it's too much trouble for them.

The truth is that unless you go through the entire episode and compensate for the differences by changing contrast and brightness for parts of the episode,

the colors may appear blown out and detail may be lost. (both are seen in the middle screenshot under Fail)

Here are some examples of before and after Levels adjustment: