My favorite /a/ quotes of the day

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These are the finest moments of me on the hour I spent browsing /a/ this morning. Hopefully you'll enjoy just as much as I.

Quote number 1:
>Congrats you just managed to mention the Narutos of seinen to prove a point. Listen retard, JoJo and Berserk are two of the most popular manga in any underage ban forum. Just visit Narutoforums and see for yourself (Berkserk and JoJo both had their own subforum for a month each)

Quote number 2:

>The thing with LoGH is that it has a small but loyal fanbase. Just like Kiss in rock music. Everyone knows that Kiss is shit, and has only made one good song in their career, but they still sell damn good, because of the small brainwashed fanbase.
Same thing goes for LoGH

Quote 3:

>I've been on /a/ for 45 minutes now, and it has sucked every single minute. I don't believe in your shitty daytime/nighttime /a/ theory.