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So i was bored one day and i asked /a/ what i should watch, i wanted something that was mediocre, not good but not bad either somethign i'd enjoy watching while it being bad enough so that i could still appreciate a good series when i see it. And /a/ recommended several shows, one of them was ginban kaleidescope and another one was midori days (among other things). And some how i watched them back to back and i realized. HOLY FUCKING SHIT they're very similar. only ones a guy ghost inside of a girl and the other is a girl hand on a guy. But they were both pretty similar. It was a strange coincidence.

or was it. Is there really some sort of same person complex in japan? Because both of these love stories were similar, at first having some one prying into every aspect of the protagonist lives is unwelcome, but eventually it becomes mundane and then when they are eventually seperated they realize that they actually developed deep feelings for one another. Needless to say it was just a weird coincidence and some findings i wanted to share with /a/

oh and the idea of sharing a body is also kinda hot to me now. Is that weird?