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Hello /a/

I have nothing to do the next few days and my PS2 looks like crap on my new monitor so I'm thinking of wasting away my free time by watching some anime.

I only can stand watching good 'mature' anime - i.e. not any shounen anime. I especially HATE anime like Full Metal Panic and ones that have adolescents from a secret organisation shooting magic from their hands. I also cannot stand more than 30 seconds of anime like True Tears.

Now of course, I have already seen all of the best rated anime that do not fit in any of the above categories, which is why I need your guys' help.

I went through ANN's top 100 list and I can't find much based on the synopsis' they give (synopsis' can make really good gems look like trash). I have also asked friends but they can't recommend much, since they just watch the stuff I hate.

Pic is somewhat related. I'll take anything samurai as long as it's above 5/10.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.