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Hello /a/,

I'm going to talk about manga that you may not like very much, but let me hear your opinion if you have nothing better to do so that I can keep things in perspective.

The manga I'd like to know your view about is a somewhat notorious shounen series, namely One Piece. I have seen a lot of negative responses on /a/ and it seems not a few /a/nons despise the manga and anime, but does the manga really deserve a plethora of sages?

I think I am a bit old for /a/ so I haven't read or watched most of recent popular shounen series such as Naruto and Bleach, but today I happen to have a chance to read the first volume of One Piece when I stopped in at this small old cafe.

The owner of the cafe were Japanese and there was a small shelf that had several Japanese comic books. The said first volume was there among other minor manga.

I picked up the volume because that was the only one I had head of, and read the first several chapters while I was having a light lunch. Well, as opposed to my expectation, actually it was a nice read. Of course, I don't say it has a very interesting story or anything for adults, but, judging from the chapters, I thought it was worth reading if you have spare time.

So, why do you think so many people despise the manga? Maybe the plot gets worse and worse in later volumes? Or you just don't like the fan base?