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I've been trying to get my friend to watch Gurren Laggan for a while and I needed a way to show him its epicness, but couldn't think of how to do so. Tonight I finally decided to show him that awesome Black Parade MAD, but it is full of spoilers.

Thus I edited the spoilers out by overlaying an image on them when they occurred. The below video is the result. How is this? Are there any scenes still in it that I should take out because Anon thinks they might spoil something for him, considering he a)has only seen a few anime series b)doesn't know shit ATM about GL?

How about the scene when Simon reunites with Kamina in the dream world? It felt really essential to the whole vibe of the MAD, so I left it in. What do you think Anon? Could he infer that Kamina dies from this scene? Should I take it out? Should I take out any other scenes?|

Thanks Anon