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i have found something in anime that might be the cause of adult swims death. but first i need to make a point- most episodes of the american shows on adult swim can be picked up at anytime during the season or hell- anytime during the show's running! and you will understand most of the jokes/plot/characters fairly quickly.
what i have noticed in most anime is that you can't do that. ranma, bebob, maybe some others could possibly do that but for the most part, anime series are like long ova's. they have a beginning, middle, and end for an entire 24 ep season and if you missed out on the first half you have no idea whats going on. this can be a turnoff to some people, most notably, anime-haters which seems to include the guys running adult swim.
i have experienced this myself. i used to enjoy staying up late to watch the latest trigun, bebob, big o, witch hunter robin, inyasha, what have you, when adult swim was cool. but i went off to college and couldn't watch adult swim anymore, and when i came back, all these new shows were on that i had wanted to see for a while but didn't want to come into half way through the season.
now, when you think about the ratings AS keeps reporting to us, the market now might think the same way in that they only watch adult swim for a cheap and fast laugh. gone are the days when they had us old timers hooked on DBZ and yu yu hakusho and craving moar at the end of the day. you remember- back before toonami's death at the hands of kiddie shit. the age gap is too wide now for the different audiences AS and CN are marketing to sufficiently cross into each other.