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All I see on these forums are people just whining about how level 50 to 80 is grinding ( which is false ), how the game is broken, how the end game content ain't good enough, and blah blah blah.

What the hell are you wanting ? World of Warcraft patch 2.8? WoW got nearly 7 years of development, for it started in 2001 and still got patched every now and then until today.

Half of you WoW players out there don't remember how it was to reach 60 and then get some stupid half baked dungeon 1 sets from Scholomance/Stratholme/UBRS and such. You had NOTHING to do after level 60, and there were no Battlegrounds until a long while ( people just ganked-fested in Hillsbrad ). You want to go back to some masterbation process of getting the * same * cookie-cutter sets for your character as anyone else? Fine, go back to WoW, and stop looking for another MMO Messiah, cause there's none.

I mean, come on? Give this game some freaking months, if not YEARS of content to come. What do you expect to sign on an MMO three seconds after it launched? Perfectly balanced years of unparalleled and ever-ending gaming experience?

Take a chill pill, get back on earth, and stop being some greedy pigs. Enjoy the fantastic game we have, and if you're dumb enough to think that Warhammer online will be PERFECT, and BUGLESS on launch, you're sticking your own arm very far in your eye.

It will need months, years of balancing to achieve what an MMO like WoW has done. This game is supposed to be 17+, I thought people were bright enough to understand that at their age.