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I need help guys.

I fear I might be beginning to fall into the typical Otaku slot. I recently got a few Keroro Gunsou models out of a Vendor machine. I had only watched one or two episodes and read the first manga, and still did not feel immensely attached to it. It was good but not *that* good.
But once I had a go at the vendor, I could not stop until I had them all. When I got home I ordered a Keroro plush and Natsumi model (I think there is a proper name for them).

When I get off my computer I feel almost empty, as though something is missing. I am on my holidays now and have spent the past few days watching Keroro Gunsou online for hours at a time.
I know this girl in town and my friends say she likes me and I like her. But recently, when I see her, there is something gone that used to be there.

I need to know. How do I stop. I just want to stop watching this show because it is consuming my time that could very well be better spent. At the same time I don't want to.

None of my friends are really into anime, except one girl who may very well have a mental problem at this rate as she just watches angst filled generic Vampire/werewolf anime and Naruto.

In before DRAMA.