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Time for some oooooold copy pasta!

George: I-I can't believe it, Jerry.

Jerry: What?

George: So I'm browsing /a/, and-

Jerry: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are you browsing /a/?

George: I'M RONERY, JERRY! Anyway, I get to this thread, and someone actually compared me to Sasuke.

Jerry: ... You to Sasuke.

George: ::chuckles:: That's right, Jerry, me to Sasuke.

Jerry: You DO know that Sasuke is successful, and every kunoichi in the series loves him, right?

George: When you're on fire, baby, you're on fire!

Jerry: Well what does that make me, then?

George: ::Waves his hand dismissively:: They said you were Naruto or something.

Jerry: Naru- oh, come on! He doesn't even APPEAR in most of the chapters!

George: Look, Jerry, I didn't make these comparisons, I just saw them on /a/.

Jerry: Yeah, but... Naruto??

Elaine: Hey guys, what are you talking about?

Jerry: George here was on /a/ earlier, and-

Elaine: Why were you on /a/?

Jerry: He's ronery. Anyway, they said he was Sasuke.

Elaine: ... George as Sasuke?... ::laughs mockingly::

George: What, is that so hard to believe?

Elaine: No, no... Except Sasuke isn't short and bald ::Jerry and Elaine laugh:: Anyway, did they say who I was?

George: ... No.

Elaine: Well, obviously I'd be Sakura.

George: ::Chuckles:: You as Sakura, huh?...

Elaine: What?

George: And me as Sasuke. I see what you're doing.

Elaine: Oh, COME ON.