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What are you guys expecting from the Gurren-Lagann movie? Here is what we currently know:

-"Reconstruction of the TV show" in every single sense. (Announcement at TAF)
-More "serious" than the TV show. (NewType Magazine)
-Most of the animation will be completely new, but a some of it will be reused from the original. Still, they have already confirmed that more than half of the movie will be composed of new animation. (Gainax Panel at Fanime)
-All of the dialogs will be re-recorded, Nakajima is working on a new script that follows the original story through "new eyes". (NewType Magazine)
-Same main staff of the TV show: Nakajima as writer, Imaishi as director, Ootsuka as assistant director. (NewType Magazine)
-Two movies: Gurren Chapter and Lagann Chapter.
-Simon is still the main character. (Captain Obvious)
-Kamina will still die. (Captain Obvious)
-Nia is the main female character. (Megami Magazine)