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Delicious Copy Pasta Part 1

Deep thoughts

*Kakashi knows over 1,000 jutsu. Why is Raikiri the only one he ever uses?
*Sharingan can copy the jutsus of others. Why doesn't Sasuke ever copy any?
*If Orochimaru is more powerful than Jiraiya, and Itachi is more powerful than Orochimaru, why is Itachi scared of Jiraiya?
*If Tsunade can cure any ailment, why can't she cure her phobia of blood?
*Every character in Naruto has an ultimate technique that they use as a last resort at the end of battle. Wouldn't it be a lot more efficient to use it at the beginning?
*Konoha's ninja training system involves 3 years of elementary school involving running laps and doing math problems. After graduation you're left up to the whim of your group leader to hope he wants to teach you anything else. It's no wonder the only jounin in Konoha are ones that recieved private training from their parents.
*Naruto just recently learned every ninja has their own natural element and learned he was a wind ninja by holding a piece of paper. Wouldn't it have been a good idea for his teachers to have him do that his first day of school?
*Kunai and shurikens are the staple weapons of shinobi. But when has anyone ever been killed by either?
*If ninjas can teleport into view instantly when summoned and teleport away instantly when leaving/fleeing, why can't they move that fast in battle?
*They say you cant perform a jutsu without hand seals. Then why are most jutsu performed without hand seals?