"Good" anime that 's really just average

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Baccano - too many characters too few episodes. Animation was mediocre, music good, characters were carbon copies of eureka 7 (minus Eureka) only in a mafia setting.

Darker than Black - last proof that Bones is turning into mediocrity. Animation was way below usual Bones quality, even the two years older FMA with twice as many episodes had better animation. Storyline had potential, but ended up being Gonzo quality shit. All characters minus Hei were unmemorable.

Dennou Coil - Seriously /a/, I'm dissapointed in you. You made me believe this would be an exciting adventure into cyberspace, but all I got was child pranks and subtle loli love stories.

Pic related: All anime mentioned here are just as mediocre as the one in my pic.