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Okay, question for you dub pros... How can they make (could have made?) the Naruto English dub better, with respect to the jutsus they call out?

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but an awesome part about anime is the yelling out of attacks. And some of the best ones, in either Japanese or English, are English words. My favorite one to date, which I've mentioned in this thread before, is the game "Eternal Sonata", where you can hear things like "Orange Cure" or "Sky Divider" or "Rapid Shooter!" that sound equally strong and amazing in both Japanese and English.

I'm honestly not sure to use as an example, but let's take Naruto. What combination of language, word choice, and inflection could they have used to make him sound better in English? The phrase "shadow clone jutsu" said half-heartedly does not for a great anime experience make.

I was thinking, maybe, with the right inflection, ANY combination of English words can be made to sound epic. Think "Gamma Crush" or "Optic Blast". So maybe it's her inflection? Also, the sprinkling of the Japanese word "jutsu" in the English isn't really doing it for me. It would literally be "Art of Shadow Clone" or "Shadow Clone Technique". Honestly, I think in English, we could do without the jutsu part.

So, in conclusion, do you think we could do better with all the techniques with better inflection and while dropping the element prefixes/jutsus? Katon, fuuton, kuchiyose, etc.