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Motteke! Sailor Fuku – SRMS Remake

Sailor outfit, I wear it everyday, SO~
I look super cute like those girls in anime, OOH~
I wantcha, I gotcha, I’ll take you where you wanna go!
I said (WOO) I said (WOO) come dance with me darling darling PLEASE!

You don’t got a clue when I say to you “Aishiteru,”
Don’t you know that it means “I love you”?
You’re too confused to let any tenderness through
But come on, enough already!

So what if you think I’m a little crazy
For being a fan of certain foreign cartoon shows?
Baby catch up, you’re being too slow
‘Cause anime’s here to stay!


Go on! Take a chance, and you’ll soon see why
We love it so much! It’s a sensation
HAI! We’re all here, let’s go for a ride
Stop drop and roll, this beat is too hot
But you can’t stop, you can’t stop, you can’t stop now

Suddenly you’ll open up your eyes and realize there’s so much more to
This anime phenomenon you can’t ignore
Heroes and adventures of every kind waiting to amaze you
Let go, fall in, set your imagination free