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Hi /a/,

I know /a/ is not a place to ask sauce and/or recommendations. But I need your help 'cause you're the only guys I can count on when it comes to 2D drawings.

Today I was caught by my roommate's friend while I was sorting out my /a/ and /c/ pictures on my laptop. I don't want to blog about it in detail here; so in short, the image she actually saw was this and surprisingly she said she liked it. She even asked me who the author was and if there was a cartoon or something of the characters. But my power level is fucking low compared to the average /a/non so I had no idea; now I'm vaguely aware that this pic is from some loli dating sim or possibly doujin.

So, could you recommend me some anime that a girl who likes this kind of pic would like to watch? Probably she's not very interested in PC games, and we'd love to watch if you know such anime. The source of this pic also is much appreciated. But I'll ask it on /r/ or another appropriate place.

Thank you!