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Top 10 reasons Schierke is a better girlfriend for Guts than Caska.

10. Caska's skin is swarthy and covered with scars, but Schierke's skin is as smooth and fair as buttermilk.

9. Schierke is very intelligent and philosophical, and that makes her a better conversationalist than Caska's "uah wah guh guo."

8. Schierke would never cuckold Guts by having his former best friend's baby.

7. Caska gets riled up anytime someone looks at her funny, but Schierke can take death threats without flinching.

6. At her best, Caska can take on several opponents at once with her swordsmanship. Schierke's magic can defeat entire armies.

5. Schierke has an elf. Guts and Puck + Schierke and Evarella = lots of elf dust for everyone.

4. Schierke doesn't fear the darkness, no matter what shape it takes. She is always calm and resolute in the face of danger.

3. Schierke actually shows gratitude when Guts helps her out. All Caska can do is scowl at him.

2. The Skull Knight never seems to have anything ominous to say about Schierke. Probably a good sign.

1. Guts and Caska became as one body, but Guts and Schierke became as one mind.