Reccomend Me Some Anime to Watch!

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Do you have any suggestion for what to watch for me?

I love to watch

Ef the fairy tale of the two
Darker than Black
Host Club
Gunslinger Girls
Hell Girl(Jigoku shoujo) Futakago

And I'm not here to discuss which anime is's just my personal taste.
I don't know much about Anime, so I guess it's best to ask someone who knows better than me.

somewhat fine but couldn't finish watching (bored)

Air (4 ep)
Mushishi (10 ep)
When They Cry (10 ep)
Moyashimon (3 ep)
Hell Girl 1st season (4 ep)
Death Note (10ep)
Gost hunt (1ep)
Rosario to Vampire (10 ep)
Kanakon (2 ep)
Gost in the Shell (2 ep)
Shigofumi (10 ep)

I know they are great anime. But they were not my taste.

Oh, and I liked Lucky Star (without the Lucky Channel.)