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/a/ went crazy with rage last night at the antics of Andrew the Narutard on MTV's "MADE," but this isn't the first time they've given a makeover to an anime fan. Kitty the lolicon, a mousy girl with an intense love for Card Captor Sakura and cows with a huge crush on a douchebag who only wears Invader Zim shirts, was made into a beauty pageant queen a few years ago. I have scoured the Internet for hours, and I unfortunately couldn't find a single relevant video clip. Although it may seem like I have no real proof at the moment, I can assure you this episode exists. If anyone with better Google skills than me is interested in trying to dig up this old episode, it's from season 4, episode 2. The title is "Kitty Is Made Into a Pageant Queen," and it originally aired on April 14th, 2004.

Here's the Andrew episode once again in case any of you missed it last night: