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"How fucking hard is it to understand that we’re not quality subs, but rather QUALITY/speedsubs/shitsubs (I MEAN LOL, WE GET RATED ON THE SAME LEVEL AS SHITNSEN-SUBS. AHAHAHAHA. wait, what?).

No, seriously, how fucking hard is it to understand?

I mean it, how fucking hard is it?

It takes us an average of 2-4 hours of work per episode, no real “encodes,” sometimes we get really lazy and skip editing (wait, what editing?) and throughly checking our releases.

So uh, our process is really - TL > Time > EDIT > Mux & Release.

Proven from : Geass in general, especially the 500mb Geass 7(hi. eleven ads), Macross Frontier 09 (FUCK YEAH, MASSIVE BLEEDS AND GENDER CONFUSION!(well, we’re ‘training’ a new timer, so uh… mistakes are expected.))

So uh, all those “thank you for your hard work” is really bullshit. HI GUISE, NO HARD WORK IS INTENDED OR EVER PUT IN. We don’t need you to thank us, but if you really want to… uh, idk. We’re not doing this to get the praise(meaning I don’t come when someone says “LOL UR DA BEST”), but rather for the lulz (me, at least).

tl;dr Believe it or not, we suck. PICTURE RELATED"