4Kids had licenced Kingdom Hearts anime

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It has been reported that another series would have been included on 4Kids lineup. Kingdom Hearts: the Animation was to be licensed and dubbed by 4Kids,

The plot would have been changed for younger viewers, hoping it would be the "next Dragonball Z" and help 4Kids increased their ratings which has been declining as of late as well as releasing merchandise for the series.

Reports also indicate that the Disney and Square characters would have been keeping their original names. However the main characters aren't that lucky. Apparently Sora's name would have became Sammy, Kairi's name would have been Zoey, and Riku's would now be called be called Jackson.

The series would be edited for violence and to make the plot "less confusing for the younger viewers." Rumors were that certain important plot points as well as the philosophy and the characters were changed much to the complaints of the fans.

However like the other series which the company was working on, it was stopped because of budget cuts. It is rumored that Bandai is interested in releasing the series.

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-05-30/4kids-had-licence-to-kingdom-hearts-anime