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I've come to a conclusion I hope you lot agree with.

The flood of Naruto threads..
The flood of Code Geass threads..
The flood of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann threads..

80% of the people creating them go to Narutofan. What makes me think this?

Upon further research of why these threads are being created, I decided to check out the Narutofan forums. Every place I went, there would be atleast one Code Geass and one Gurren Lagann reference in their signature or their avatar.

Now, 10% of the people creating the threads are just normal people who create threads every once in a while because they love the plot twist which has happened.

The rest of the 10% are other faggots from various forums and other places.

Now, I ask you, as someone who also loves Code Geass and Gurren Lagann.. Please stop with these fucking threads.

Yes, there were a million Zeros in the recent episode of Code Geass, yes Sasuke wants to blow up Konoha. YES! WE KNOW.