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why are you guys so fucking lame??

you know i bet the majority of you are rejects from animu forums. First you decide to be SPECIAL by having a DIFFERENT opinion to the most popular animu there, but ended up getting your ass fucked by the angry mobs of fanboys/girls. You started to think YOU are better than the mass fanboys/girls.

At last oh hoooo you come upon /a/, where you can bitch and moan all you fucking want, and shit at the fanboys/girls all you like. A place where you can actually feel good about yourself. Although there is nothing to be proud of because you are so lame.

At the end, you are just a victim of your shitty inferior genes that turned you into a loser in real life.

ahhh well, back to animesuki for me, where we talk about anime with my fellow fanboys/girls, but with /a/ on at a seperate window of course wink wink

love, minami kana

P.S those e-mail sage thing?? they suit you very much because they are equally as lame as you dweebs