Teh Prayer

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He moved internet
and the internet flowed through Him
and on the eighth day He gamed
and it was good
and then he said, "It is too good"
and then the Lord made Sonic 3D and he said, "thus is balance restored"
But then came the myriad of next gen games and the flow was disrupted
and to return the balance He created EA
and 4Kids
that was created by Satan to keep the masses in ignorance
and the masses thrived in it.
But, yea, there were those black sheep who rebelled
but even their power could not save the ignorant from themselves
And so HE, in HIS infinite wisdom, saw fit to create a select group within the rebels to lead the cause
and thus internet piracy was created
And Teh Piratez, as they were called in those days, sailed the Azureus seas and reaped many plunders

AND in giving their wealth to the less fortunate, they realized that it was good, thus we are able to enjoy the glories of entertainment today