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Since /a/ loves random number games so much, let's have a shitty shonen protagonist generator. The last three non-duplicate numbers of your post determine your shitty protagonist's traits:

0 - The last of his clan/race.

1 - Name containing the character "Ichi".

2 - Gets bad grades but is actually really smart.

3 - Wants to be the best ______ in the world.

4 - Fights for their friends.

5 - Completely oblivious to the numerous attracive women in the series.

6 - Seeks revenge on a previous friend or family member.

7 - Giant sword.

8 - Inner demon or evil split personality.

9 - Can fly.

Additionally, even post numbers get super strength while odd numbers have super speed.

Alternately, try to find the character that has the most of these traits at once.