Normal Dudes

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I know we all hate cliches in anime, but there's one that seriously pisses me off more than anything.

Japan can NEVER have the normal guy win. It shows up in nearly every show, but the main character can't just be a normal dude who succeeds because he tries really hard and studies and trains and shit. The main character ALWAYS has to have something special about him. Whether it's "OMG what a coincidence, he has the most powerful artifact to replenish his soul energy at midnight in him" to "it just so happens, he's not a normal dude, he's actually the reincarnation of a famous familiar that matches perfectly up with his owner's powers" to "he has warmer hands than normal"

Seriously. In all these myriad of shows, I wanted the normal dude to be fucking useful or just straight out BEAT the one with the special thing just because the plain dude wants it more or tried harder or whatever. Like Yakitate Japan's Kawaichi or Shakugan no Shana's Sato. They can't win some of the time? Really? I wanted Sato to fucking train ridiculously hard and pick up that fucking sword and murder a fucking Denizen, just to fucking stick it to everyone in that show and be like, "HA! Not fucking useless!" then ride Margery hard and teach her some respect. Can't Azuma and Kawaichi face off against each other and Kawaichi straight up BEATS him because he doesn't have anything to fall back on so he has to try his goddamndest?

I mean, is that really asking too much Japan? Is this like my hopes of a really short-haired girl as the romantic lead?

Show me some normal guys who romper-stomp these "special ones"

Pic unrelated, but...Sophie's mega hot so yeah.