Damn it, Why is that I can't get into this show?

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So I kept hearing things about this show but I just can't get into it, and I tried a few times already. I don't know if its is the crazy story full of plotholes, and the history that doesn't make any sense, I mean, is alsmot as though the writers never heard of the butterfly effect. The really crappy style, with uber androgenous characters. The heavy nationalism, and xenophobia, granted I haven't seen a lot of episodes. Or the fact that it would appear that the main charcters are total dicks, and not very appeallian secondary. I ended up ready a lot through wikipedia, and spiking some episodes, but is it worth sitting down an watching it. I mean, i went frech in into this show after Gurren laggan expecting something even remotely similar, what a disapointment.

What I really want to know if it pays down the road, for all the buzz I have seen?