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/a/, i have a question to ask.

seriously, what the fuck is Oh! Great been smoking lately?

i've been trying to follow both air gear and tenjou tenge, but afterwhile both storyarcs just suddenly turned to WTF so quickly.

i mean i was cool with tenjou tenge being all fighting and sex, but it went to shit. SUPER DEMONS? OLBIGITORY FLASHBACKS? FUCKING PILES OF BUGS? EYE-PATCHES?

and what's the deal with air gear? all the shit that currently happening and kogarasumaru STILL SUCKS? EVERYONE'S SWITCHING SIDES AND IS APPARENTLY EVIL? AND WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH ALL THE DYING AND COMING OR- I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE.

it's just way to fucking confusing for me; hell, even the art is way too abstract now. i'm now actually glad when i see a tit every now and then rather than a drawn-out explanation or something. seriously, i don't want a fucking phd while i read a manga, just a good entertaining story, which i can't find anymore in oh great.