Spring season rant

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This season, which had so many promising shows, is starting to fall apart at the seams after this last weeks releases, at least amongst the shows I've been watching.

Code Geass R2: I was really hoping that this would be as epic as the first season, but it has turned to complete crap. I don't even think the writers are trying anymore. I mean, Glacier Ships?!? Give me a fucking break.

Kurenai: This is my favorite show this season. But lately the plot has seemed to fall off, and the show only seems to focus on Murasaki's cuteness. And the whole story behind her family is really confusing too, not to mention other plot points.

Soul Eater: Dropped for blatent Naruto/Bleach faggotry.

Kaiba: I liked this show a lot at the beginning. But its starting to get to bizarre even for me. The animation style, which at the beginning was unique and fresh, has been deteriorating to the point where it just looks bad.

Macross: Another promising show which has devolved into a shitty love drama/music video.

Kyouran: I'm still holding my hopes up for this one, but the translators need to catch up a little.

I'm hoping this season pulls out of this lull (i've tended to notice this pattern around the 7th-8th episodes). Otherwise, I may just give up on anime.