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Okay, so, who here thinks Sunrise can tease us with yuri undertones as well as they can yaoi.

For the whole first season of Code Geass, C.C. and Kallen, despite the two main female characters, never interacted even once, and yet there was still yuri fanart. Then there's a 1 year timeskip where they're best friends, and we're under the impression that they've been living together. For a whole year. Offscreen.

Now, the first sound episode from R2 is going to take place during the timeskip, and star C.C. and Kallen, so we finally get some canon insight into what exactly happened during that year...

I already think it's a safe assumption that Kallen had taken over Lelouch's role as C.C. roommate... But holy shit, if it turns out they were sharing a bed, too, then I'm going to bust a nut.