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Resident /m/echanic here.

What Kind of Mecha Pilot are You?

I got The Soldier.

Tried and true, you are a solider. Part of a united earth army, or something similar, you do as you are told, and you do it well. Even though you are loyal and well trained, you might disobey orders occasionally, after all, just because you pilot a robot doesn't mean you are one.

The Solider. 75%
The Angsty Mecha Hero. 70%
A Noble Villain. 65%
The Loyal Henchman/Henchwoman 65%
The Lovable Loser. 60%
The Martyr 60%
A Bat-Shit-Crazy Villian! 50%
The Reluctant Hero/Heroine. 50%
The Ultra-Cool Ace. 50%
The Hot Blooded Ally of Justice! 50%
The Villain! 40%
A Rat-Bastard Badguy 25%