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>>The Gawain was recaptured by Britannia and dismantled, with its damaged Hadron Cannons serving as the basis for the Hadron Blaster and the quad-linked cannons featured in the later custom model Knightmare Frame Modred. It's unique flight system was ultimately disabled due to its mobility restrictions. The druid system is currently in a maximum security laboratory in the Avalon dedicated to Code-R.
>>Lelouch will be getting a new, "more evil" mecha in Geass R2 to replace Gawain. It will have more or less the same function as Gawain (I take this to mean it'll have overhwhelming offensive power and be huge) but will otherwise be totally different. IMO it'll be a Japanese-model Knightmare and will probably be named Cromwell, which was the operating name for Gawain before the writers changed things.

Goodnight sweet prince. ;_;