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Kishitmoto is a fucking insane troll guys, and this new Naruto chapter proves it.

Yeah, sure, Sasuke got a power up. In the grand scheme of things Madara has essentially declare this power up pointless. Shodaime kicked Madara's ass WHILE fight Kyuubi too and Naruto is destined to be greater than even the first.

Fan girls are frigging squealing that Sasuke got a power up. They can't see beyond the here and now.

Six months til Sasuke gets his ass racked by Naruto and relegated to the side plot along with Sakura and Kakashi, replaced by Sai, Yamato, and Ino/Hinata for the remainder of the story because Sasuke/Kakashi/Sakura's stories are done.

It'll be a great day that we've predicted coming. Watch as Kishimoto reaches Sakurai and Kojima levels of trolling.