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I want to spend an eternity with Haruhara Haruko. There's nothing I want more. I'm leaving home for good soon, going on the road. I think of how wonderful it would be to have her with me. Not just on the road, but to have her here with me, in the days leading up to my leaving. I wouldn't care if the family I'm living with appreciated her or not. Maybe... I just wish they could glimpse some tangible scope of her, and what she means to me.

Every time I give the old moped I've been fiddling around with lately a kick-start, I think of her. It fills me with both great joy and an indescribable sense of sadness and yearning to think of the things we'd do together.

More than anything else, I want her. Her ups, and her downs. I want no aspect of her left out. Everything, because even her flaws are so utterly beautiful to me that I'm almost reduced to tears. These feelings of passion and desire overflow, and I become inebriated in them; butterflies fill my stomach.