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So /a/, we’ve touched on this before, but we’ve never had a discussion specifically about it.
Everyone knows Shakespeare was a master of writing and wrote some of the most epic works of drama the world has ever seen.
/a/ seems knowledgeable enough to be able to discuss his work, so let me ask: What (if anything) that he’s written do you think could be adapted into an anime? Specifically anime. Let’s leave manga out of this. The man wrote plays, and those are meant to be translated to something animate with voice-work and motion anyway.
As far as fidelity to the original goes, I’m not talking about a stretch here like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” being based off The Taming of the Shrew. It needs to keep the original character-interactions and story. HOWEVER, you are free to take liberties with the actual setting. The anime adaptation can be set anywhere ranging from its original medieval setting with castles and kingdoms to SHAKSPEARE IN SPACE with space-royalty and laser-foils for dueling.
That being said, what work of the master could stand a chance of being translated to animation? And at that, also be epic?

I’m a relative youngfag, meaning I haven’t yet gotten to read things like Othello or The Tempest for myself. The only ones I’ve read are R&J, Twelfth Night and the mac-daddy of them all: Hamlet.
Twelfth Night actually sounds like it could be a decent comedy. One that might even work in a modern setting common to animu. Also, delicious reverse-trap action on the part of Viola.
In b4 you remind me of the crimes of GONZO.