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Translated from her official Shuraki page:

“A German Shuraki. 19 years old, 169 cm tall. A member of the mysterious Europe-based secret society “White Raven”. Her personality is cool and intelligent but she is overly serious and stubborn as a result. She is constantly bloodthirsty and has a standoffish aura that prevents others from coming close to her. She accomplishes her missions with ruthless efficiency and is fiercely loyal to the organization.

Raised as part of the White Raven group from her earliest moment of consciousness, she has no doubts about risking her life in the cursed struggle of the Shuraki. The only place she sees for herself is as part of the organization, and her life as a warrior is everything.

In combat she employs a bayonet (combination gun and sword) that can be converted between “rifle” and “long distance sniper” modes. She is also skilled with explosives and throwing knives, which she keeps hidden about her at all times.”