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I am completely apathetic to other people's lives. Like, I do not give a shit if my neighbor was killed right now. When I hear news of people dying (example... the Chinese earthquake) I do not feel a single thing. To me half the world population could die and I wouldn't give a shit. If someone close to me dies (really close) I only shed a few tears like when my grandmother died. I cried a bit and next day I was just partying around.

I have this way of thinking... screw the others. I only care for myself and YES, sometimes I do help those in need and I am a really nice guy when people ask me for favors or help, but if I watch them from afar I just don't give a shit. I also have this thing of looking down to other people... I consider some types of people (especially these gangsta looking guys, black and white, w/e) shit compared to me and I have huge prejudices against that type of people or uneducated people. My self steem is through the roof and I have this small superiority complex (not something exaggerated though).

I could care less about marriage.... to me its something useless, outdated and without any kind of logic. I helped my best friend have an abortion by paying half of it (even when it wasn't even my baby). I am a complete atheist and just believing in God sounds dumb to me.