One Piece 501 Spoilers

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Disregard the last thread I suck cocks, forgot spoiler tags anyway here.

Title - "The world beginning to churn"

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A brief one using Babbelfish! Before the official translation is posted

garp (eating): rayleigh is gonna get sold , ahaha

marine: VA, how do we write the report to sengoku.
garp: i will handle this, keep this from him, keep this from anyone, if we face rayleigh, marine will SUFFER A BIG LOSS NO MATTER THE OUTCOME!.
especially not at this "critical moment".

At the auction:
Every SH is rushing to Groove 1. Franky wants to blow up the auction but nami stopped him: No! dont create a scene, there are nobles here. Our objective is camie.

sanji: nami, can u also buy the other girl? *smacked*

kidd enter the picture " where's ur captain, i heard he's an idiot"

luffy,zoro,brooke,ussop and robin yet to arrive

the news reached here " ACE is going to be executed, it's war time"