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So did we ever figure out why Sachiel is the 4th angel in Rebuild instead of the 3rd?

Adam - First
Lillith - Second
??? - Third
Sachiel - Fourth

And the preview is confusing the heck out of me. It says:
>>Eva Unit 05 mobilizes
>>The disappearance of Eva Unit 04

What? When was there ever a 4 or 5? Rei was 00, Shinji 01, Asuka 02, and Toji 03. Presumably either 04 or 05 is the new girl but that still leaves an unaccounted for Eva.

>>And finally, Eva Unit 06 and its pilot, who descend from the moon
So the extra Eva can't be Kaworu's either. His is 06.

I'm a little rusty on my Evangelion trivia so maybe I'm just forgetting something obvious here.